About the hotel HAnoiOi

Located on the central road of Hoan Kiem district with a prime location, only 500m from Hoan Kiem Lake, HanoiOi Hotel will always be the ideal destination for you when coming to Hanoi. From the hotel you can easily move with the shortest distance to the most famous attractions in Hanoi

room space

HanoiOi Hotel with a great view of the rooms

Located on the main road leading directly to Hoan Kiem Lake, HanoiOi Hotel is a great destination for those who are looking for a hotel located in the center of Hanoi with open space and extremely comfortable…

Enjoy buffet dishes in the restaurant space

Located on the 1st floor of the hotel, with a variety and richness in the menu with European – Asian – Vietnamese dishes… surely the chefs of Mina Hotel and Spa will bring visitors the most special flavors of the four cuisine direction.

Experience high-class services

Your stay will become more unique with great experiences from the services and facilities of Mina Hotel and Spa. Here we provide our customers with perfect services.

The destination of experiences when coming to Hanoi

Coming to the capital Hanoi, visitors will immediately feel the bustle of life, the diversity in cuisine and the richness of culture, history and the friendliness of the people. From the corners of the city, the buildings from the French period, the sidewalk shops with rich local cuisine or the way Hanoians use transport also become unforgettable impressions in the heart. tourists coming to this city..

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